Trophies often come in sets of threes: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. R.F. Engraving seeks to make each trophy proportionate so that your designs shine on the podium!

Don’t forget: we can create participation medallions, too!

Smaller, individual trophies can be better for team sports and little leagues. These trophies are made of a strong resin and can be personalized with a black and silver or black and gold tag on the front. Most resin trophies come in two sizes: 5″ and 7.” Designs featured here are suggestions with many other designs and sports available. Please send an e-mail, stop in, or peruse our catalog for more details.

Trophies can be for fun events too! This Pumpkin Spirit Award was created to celebrate Halloween Spirit. Let us create a trophy to make your next event or holiday a little more competitive and fun!