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  1. Ron Taylor

    This is Ron Taylor, I’m a new Executive Secretary for Bishop Larry Thorpe of the Lakeview Ward of the Tooele East Stake. I need to order two missionary plaques.
    Question 1. I only have an electronic picture, can you work with it or do I need to have a printed picture.
    Question 2. Do I pay you direct and get reimbursed by my ward or does our ward have an account with you?

    You can contact me by phone: 435-224-3219
    Personal email: high_n_wide@yahoo.com or
    Church email: exec.sec.for.lakeview.ward@gmail.com
    Thank you!

    • Reply

      Hi Ron,
      So sorry for the delayed response on here. I think we have already resolved this in-person, but I just wanted to make sure. Your comment on our website got moved to a spam folder. To answer your questions: Yes, electronic pictures are fine. We have a photo printer and paper. Second, you can do either one. Some wards prefer to send a check, others prefer to reimburse the members.

  2. Reply

    Hello Garen,
    We apologize for the late response to your inquiry. It was moved into a spam folder. Yes, whenever you return from your mission (or if you have already), you can order a missionary plaque with multiple scriptures or verses on it. Since it will not be through the ward, you will pay tax, but we have customers do that all the time. You can also contact us directly at contactus@rfengravings.com.


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